Single image teaser:

$10.00 each

$2.50 additional for each additional image *

Example of a two image teaser:

Bound Teaser 1


Video Teaser:

1 minute Teaser:     $40.00 **

2-3 minute Teaser:  $55.00 **

Video teaser will have both video and still images.

Example of 2-3 minute Teaser:

*Standard Stock Images used in the teasers purchased from Depositphotos and Adobe Stock Images.

**Stock images and videos used in the designs include a Standard Licence if purchased by me. If you purchase your own image or video, please provide proof of your license.  I don’t include the price of stock images or videos to the packages because some people have purchased their own, some want a really pricey image, or maybe they made a drawing or painting they want to use. That is the beauty of working with a designer; they are there for you. Plus I’ll help you find an image though, no matter if your budget.
However, if you use a stock image, it is your responsibility to purchase an Extended Licence should you get crazy popular and sell a significant amount of books.